Keystone Industry Solutions was developed after working with an internationally recognised Automotive, Industrial and White Goods components supplier for 26 years.

Throughout this period, the Director of Keystone Industry Solutions held several senior management positions and roles including:

  • Production
  • Industrial Engineering;
  • Process Engineering;
  • Plant Engineering; and
  • Lean Manufacturing (Process Flow).

With a need for achievement of high quality components in a 'World Competitive Pricing' market, was constantly involved in the evolution of the company, through development and application of:

  • Improved and efficient manufacturing processes through Continuous Improvement;
  • Product cost reduction by waste elimination and Value Analysis / Value Engineering;
  • Modern & Lean Manufacturing principles;
  • Process Mapping & Improvement identification;
  • Factory Layout design, incorporating Product and Process Flow;
  • Selection, justification and commissioning of new key equipment;
  • Factory layout design, incorporating Lean and modern Manufacturing principles;
  • Robotics and automation into previously antiquated and manual processes;
  • Total Quality Management;
  • Total Preventative Maintenance;
  • Visual Management; and
  • Quick Die Change (QDC) or Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED).